GYROTONIC® Principles applied to Dynamic Trunk Stabilization

Course Description:

This course intends to bring a conscious experience of core connections to the 3 dimensional body, understanding how to artfully activate it to create efficient movement.

Presenting functional anatomy, muscle co-activation strategies (understanding synergy, levels of muscle activation and timing).

It will focus on the kinesthetic application of GYROTONIC® principles to specific adapted exercises from the methodology.

So often in popular culture, you hear the words “core strengthening” and “functional training”. What does it really mean? How do they relate?

Through adapted exercises to promote sensory awareness the students will deepen their comprehension of “connecting the ribcage”, “softening the sternum,” “engaging the armpit” and ultimately “narrowing” and “suppling”. Then, these unique GYROTONIC® fundamentals will be required to create dynamic trunk stabilization through progressively more demanding movements during the 3 days course.

Using current movement science literature, we will touch upon anatomical and neurological concepts and how they relate to a moving body and to what we are feeling.

We will also explore specificity of hands-on aiming to improve the quality of a guiding touch, giving the appropriate stimulation to the client’s body with the desired/expected response in mind.

The intention is to lead you to your deepest experience of the GYROTONIC® Method’s unique and masterful approach to “rethink” the body. Not a bi-dimensional body, like a piece of paper that has only front and back, producing linear movements (e.g. up/down, open/close), but rather a tridimensional body, a body that functions organically, that moves from within!!!

Specialized Master Trainer Rita Renha

Rita Renha has been a certified instructor of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Methods in the United States since 1991. In this capacity she taught at the original White Cloud Studios NYC under the supervision of its founder and creator, Mr Juliu Horvath, who appointed her one of his first generation of Master Trainers. Rita since then has been participating in the development of GYROTONIC® and its application to physical therapy (prevention and rehabilitation), fitness, health and wellness. Graduated from the Dance School of The Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro, Rita has been a dance teacher , movement educator and professional dancer/singer  for  over 25 years, having worked in the USA, Europe, Japan and Brazil. Her Musical Theater credits include: “A Chorus Line”, “West Side Story”, “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum”, “Cabaret” and “Company”.
Rita has proudly introduced GYROTONIC® to the scientific community at the International Conference of Posture in 2007-Rio de Janeiro and 2013- Espírito Santo, and has completed her studies in Physical Therapy in 2008. Rita Renha has been having the pleasure to teach/treat people from all walks of life and the privilege to educate the new generations of teachers and Master Trainers worldwide.

Date: September 18- 20
Time: 2-8 pm
Address: Fluid Fitness
1026 6th Avenue,5th floor
New York, NY 10018
Phone: 1-212-278-8330